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International Janitorial Cleaning Services Association

Cleaning your own home and cleaning professionally are two totally different things. Or call us to enquire about commercial services, such as office cleaning, school cleaning, shop cleaning or building cleaning. We will work with you to develop a bespoke cleaning regime to suit your needs, whether it is on a regular basis or a one-off job; commercial cleaning or residential cleaning in London. Get in touch today via our contact us page , or check out our competitive prices that cover London and Surrey. We also cover all Commercial/Business Cleaning and provide a bespoke but low cost cleaning services to businesses and their properties in London, Surrey and anywhere in 40-Miles Radius.

Cleaning products can contribute to indoor air quality problems as compounds evaporate and are circulated through the building ventilation system. Cleaning products can also leave residues that cause skin and eye irritation, can be absorbed through the skin to affect health, accidently ingested to cause poisoning and inadvertently mixed to cause fatal gases. A successful Green Cleaning Program not only consists of the right products but also the correct equipment to include vacuums cleansers with high filtration filter systems, floor machines with dust control systems to capture impurities that cause pollution to the indoor air quality, and microfiber cleaning cloths and mops.

This is important whether they’re cleaning bathrooms every week or carpets twice a year-or dusting and vacuuming an office at night. A maid service is probably the simplest business in terms of necessary cleaning skills. Janitorial services, carpet cleaning businesses and other niche cleaning operations often require the use of special equipment and/or cleaning solutions for which you must be trained. Beyond actually being able to do the work, a cleaning service operator needs some basic business skills.

An economy car or station wagon could work if you’re doing relatively light cleaning in smaller offices, but for most janitorial businesses, you’re more likely to need a truck or van. As your business grows, consider a marketing/salesperson, a customer service manager, and crew supervisors as well as additional cleaning personnel. For a Carpet Cleaning Business: Depending on the strength of your pre-opening campaign and your startup budget, hire at least one service person and possibly two as you’re getting started, along with an employee experienced in clerical work who can book appointments and handle administrative chores.

While the regular cleaning products have toxic and chemically reactive ingredients, the green cleaning products are completely natural. The economic can have benefits too while cleaning in an environmentally sound, and reduce the days of sick employees. Green cleaning is a fast and easy way for building managers to build healthier and safer facilities. Clean It Up is a locally-owned cleaning company serving homeowners, real estate agents, and businesses throughout North Georgia. Clean It Up has customized cleaning programs to meet the needs of our customers.

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